Voice for Change Campaign

Voice for Change Campaign

Voices for Change Campaign 
Why this campaign?

A note from Tracy –

I am a Social Worker and Filmmaker, whose two seemingly disparate professions have collided to give me a unique perspective on a number of issues affecting women, including domestic violence, intimate partner homicide, and media bias. While producing Finding Jenn’s Voice, I learned that there are many experts in intimate partner violence (IPV) including researchers and survivors. They have important, life-saving messages to share. But, this information remains mostly within the domestic violence prevention and treatment community. The general population is in the dark, mainstream media is clueless, and the subject is marginalized in political spheres.

Over the last year, I’ve created the Voices for Change campaign, whose goal is to create awareness of the risks of intimate partner homicide, demand change, and empower survivors of IPV. Target audiences for the campaign include educators, healthcare professionals, police (other first responders) and the media.

Changing the way the media covers IPV is especially important, since this is arguably the most powerful institution in our culture. Intimate partner violence prevention needs to become seemlessly integrated into the larger discussion of gender and racial bias in the media. Like sexual assault, reproductive control, child abuse, and human trafficking, IPV is part of the continuum of behaviors connected to an imbalance of power and control. Changing the media requires intervention at all levels, including how national and local news cover IPV as well as addressing the way relationships are depicted in film and television.

While changing the conversation at the national level remains a goal, I believe that it is at the local level where we can have the most impact. And I believe that it is the local shelter or IPV services organizations that can have the most impact. That is why I’ve developed a training to help DV organizations effectively engage the media.

If you’d like to learn more, give me a shout at tracy@schottproductions.com.

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