10th July 2017

Voices 4 Change

Latrobe grad's documentary explores intimate partner violence |

Community Engagement Campaign

More than 3 women are killed each day in the United States by an intimate partner.

The goal of this campaign is to change that statistic.

Voices for Change is a community engagement campaign which uses the film as centerpiece of the conversationThe purpose of this campaign is to change the statistics associated with domestic violence, by engaging 4 target audiences: students/educators, healthcare professionals, police/first responders, and the media by training IPV survivors and clinicians who serve them.

We are working to partner with organizations for whom the film can be used as a tool to reach their goals. Through the story of Jenn’s fatal relationship, along with the survivors’ stories shared throughout the film, Finding Jenn’s Voice is a vehicle of prevention. The stories engage the viewers and provide insight, empathy and understanding of the dynamics of intimate partner violence and control.

The conversations that follow the film are indignant, passionate and purposeful. Viewers find it hard to turn away from the topic of intimate partner violence after watching Finding Jenn’s Voice. The film is vehicle by which individuals, schools, organizations and the media can create change.

Evaluations and feedback indicate that the film is an effective tool for raising awareness and changing attitudes about:

  • Who is impacted by IPV
  • The nature of abusive relationships (beyond black eyes)
  • The risks of pregnancy
  • The risks of leaving
  • Why women stay


To learn how your organization can work with our campaign, visit Voices4Change.net